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Ozzy presents the new bass player Jason Newsted.(from Metallica.)

www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Trhone of ivory — track 8

New song (death is not the end) in studio quality. This is not a leak. Someone covered this song with his own band and recorded this song in studio. I belive metallica version will be far better, but this one kick ass anyway. I can say its better than the live version in some way and it shows us, how the new song could sound. Be sure to check the authors page: www.soundclick.com Enjoy! PS: hi-gain harmonic haze no offence for posting this without asking first :D (less)

«Copiright by Metallica» metallica the unforgiven live subtitulado del black album 1991

Please buy Bloodstock tickets off of my link, will be much appreciated, and I will try and return the favour in some way: www.bloodstock.uk.com All of you come to Bloodstock, shit will be so gnarly. Metallica’s new single The Day That Never Comes, from their latest album Death Magnetic. It is a great song, I thoroughly recommend you buy the album. Copyright 2008 Metallica and Warner Bros. Records. ALL CONTENT BELONGS TO WMG. Warner Bros. Records Inc., A Warner Music Group Company. 3300 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 1290 Avenue Of The Americas, New York,NY © 2008 E/M Ventures. Made in USA All Right Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law. Produced by Rick Rubin www.metallica.com warnerbrorecords.com Metallica Death Magnetic REAL MetallicA fans always buy the CD and dont illegally download. There is no better experience than owning an awesome CD. Subscribe to my channel to hear MetallicA’s next songs before they are released.

Metallica — St. Anger Metallica finally gets to express their musical desires with St. Anger. With guitars dropped to C tuning, and louder drums, Metallica gets what they have wanted for a long time. «St. Anger» was the first single from Metallica’s 8th studio album, St. Anger. Lyrically, the song deals with controlling anger and channeling it into positive energy. Interestingly, the lines «Fuck it all, fucking no regrets; I hit the lights on these dark sets» are loosely recycled from the song «Damage, Inc.» (from the Master of Puppets album) and also reference «Hit The Lights», the opening track for their debut album Kill ‘Em All. The «St. Anger» video, directed by The Malloys, was shot in San Quentin State Prison, California. The band played at various locations in the area to hundreds of enthusiastic inmates. It is also the first Metallica video to feature bassist Robert Trujillo who joined just prior to filming. This song was used as the theme for WWE’s SummerSlam in 2003 (the music video was included in the pay-per-view DVD). The song was also nominated for a MTV Video Music Award in 2003, but lost to Linkin Park’s «Somewhere I Belong». ST. ANGER Saint Anger ’round my neck Saint Anger ’round my neck He never gets respect Saint Anger ’round my neck You flush it out, you flush it out Saint Anger ’round my neck You flush it out, you flush it out He never gets respect Fuck it all and no regrets I hit the lights on these dark sets I need a voice to let myself To let

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highlights. нарезка всего концерта. Земфира 16 тонн — новогодняя вечеринка 2009. часть первая. снято Razpevaemsya, фото JZ, монтаж ET


Земфира Нью Йорк Концерт 2008

ДДТ. Нью-Йорк. Webster Hall. 27-ое января, 2008. Песня Метель. Спасибо всем, кто с нами был. Жалко, что вас с нами не было.

ДДТ. Нью-Йорк. Webster Hall. 27-ое января, 2008. Песня Это Всё. Спасибо всем, кто с нами был. Жалко, что вас с нами не было. Это была последняя песня на концерте. Ничего более подходящего для конца Такого концерта я не знаю.

С новым 2009 годом! Новогоднее поздравление от БИ-2

DDT/ДДТ — Osen’/Осень at Webster Hall, Jan 27th, 2008. Never seen Webster Hall with this positive of a vibe before.

Концерт Земфиры в Воронеже