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A decent run on one of the tougher songs in Rock Band. This does put me on the top of the leaderboards for this song (as of 12-15-2007), but if I can just work on the first part of the solo, I reckon I could get the FC pretty easily.

«Copiright by Metallica» metallica the unforgiven live subtitulado del black album 1991

thanks for the views every 1

Metallica cover by the Muppets! lol Hope you like it Hello guys, just want to say thanks to everyone for the comments and video responses. I never expected that the video would had so much success and views, and with these new privacy policy rules of youtube i’de never expected it to still be up and running after this 3 long years. I’m thinking about going back to youtube but for some new projects not Metallica rellated, but when the time comes i’ll tell you guys about it. but anyway You found this channel because of Metallica so this will always be the place where you can see The Muppets Rocking out the Puppets. Keep watching and keep Rocking, thanks again for everything. Metallica \m/

This video is a slide show of lightning storm pictures backed by Metallica’s Ride The Lightning song, there are some really awesome pictures in the video