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New song (death is not the end) in studio quality. This is not a leak. Someone covered this song with his own band and recorded this song in studio. I belive metallica version will be far better, but this one kick ass anyway. I can say its better than the live version in some way and it shows us, how the new song could sound. Be sure to check the authors page: www.soundclick.com Enjoy! PS: hi-gain harmonic haze no offence for posting this without asking first :D (less)

Add me on FaceBook if you want: www.FaceBook.Com Psychosocial — SlipKnot — Psychosocial All Hope Is Gone Me Drumming to Psychosocial SlipKnot — Psychosocial SlipKnot — Psychosocial — DRUMS by MachineGunSmith Other Videos I uploaded are: Judas Priest — Painkiller www.youtube.com Avenged Sevenfold — Nightmare www.youtube.com All That Remains — Hold On www.youtube.com Slipknot — Before I Forget www.youtube.com IRON MAIDEN — The Trooper www.youtube.com Five Finger Death Punch www.youtube.com . Things that I added in this song are: 1:58 — I added extra double bass 4:36 — I added one off beat on my my snare drum At the very end when the song stops — You still hear my China-Crash ringing like a motherfucker! * Subscribe To My Channel And See My New SlipKnot Drum Videos: Heretic Anthem Spit It Out Blister Exists Watch my new Drums Covers coming up soon from: SlipKnot As I Lay Dying Metallica Disturbed IRON MAIDEN All That Remains LAMB OF GOD *

The song To live is to die by metallica with lyrics. This video is ment for listening. EDIT: Sorry guys & gals for F*cking up the Lyrics. Its «Kingdom of Salvation» not «Freedom of Salvation» EDIT2: Lyrics by Cliff Burton NOT James…

Gladiator Music Video Metallica — Hero of the Day This was the only live action music video i’ve ever done. There’s plenty of things I’d like to change, but the song seemed to fit the footage in this film perfectly.