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Buy this song on MP3! Go to www.cdbaby.com www.igorpresnyakov.com Fade to Black . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov . www.guitar-tube.com

PLEASE watch this video of my Call of Duty Quickscope Montage www.youtube.com This is Metallica’s official Music video for the song Nothing Else Matters, in HD. Lyrics: So close no matter how far Couldn’t be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don’t just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know, whoa But I know So close no matter how far Couldn’t be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know, whoa but I know I never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don’t just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for things they say Never cared for games they play I’d never cared for what they do I’d never cared for what they know And I know Yeah! So close no matter how far Couldn’t be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters All rights go to metallica

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From «A year and a half in the life of Metallica»

Check out www.guitarmasterclass.net for online guitar lessons. I first subscribed in 2007. It’s a really great site for all abilities. Seb Metallica One…Whole Song! got to be one of my favourite metallica songs. i’ve been playing for about 2 years and i get my backing tracks from guitarbt.com Using a jem555 through a laney amp with a ‘zoom gfx3’ effects pedal.

FACEBOOK: bit.ly (SAME VIDEO, BETTER QUALITY: www.youtube.com This is the very first music video by Metallica, and shows clips from the movie Johnny Got His Gun! Director: Bill Pope and Michael Salomon — Filmed in December 1988 in Long Beach, CA — Video Premiere Date: January 22, 1989 Album: …And Justice for All -LYRICS- I cant remember anything Cant tell if this is true or dream Deep down inside I feel to scream This terrible silence stops me Now that the war is through with me Im waking up I can not see That there is not much left of me Nothing is real but pain now Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please god,wake me Back in the womb its much too real In pumps life that I must feel But cant look forward to reveal Look to the time when Ill live Fed through the tube that sticks in me Just like a wartime novelty Tied to machines that make me be Cut this life off from me Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please god,wake me Now the world is gone Im just one Oh god,help me hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please God help me Darkness imprisoning me All that I see Absolute horror I cannot live I cannot die Trapped in myself Body my holding cell Landmine has taken my sight Taken my speech Taken my hearing Taken my arms Taken my legs Taken my soul Left me with life in hell

Whiplash by Metallica perform by a band in Lego City (i’m looking forward to make an huge concert featuring an other music of Metallica, Can you guess which one ???)

Fade to Black Acoustic Performance From Metallica

NEW CD! I am proud to announce the release of my second solo album called «Distant Love». Please go to my web site at www.per-olovkindgren.com for sound samples. Free shipping all over the world! This is something I did for my students that didn’t want to play Bach It’s only the intro to the song! I am also proud to announce that my arrangements, compositions and transcriptions are now available for purchase/download at www.per-olovkindgren.com It is still growing so if you don’t find a piece, it will be there soon. Please be patient… Per-Olov

JamPlay.com’s Matt Brown brings you yet another lesson. This time he teaches you the basics of Metallica’s «Enter Sandman». For more, visit www.jamplay.com If you like what you see, subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when we add other guitar lessons! View the full lesson here: www.jamplay.com

Add me on FaceBook if you want: www.FaceBook.Com Metallica — One Metallica — One — DRUMS by MachineGunSmith Me Drumming to Metallica — One. Live version in Mexico City. My Drum Solo in the beginning :) Drum Cover. This track of «ONE» was off Metallica’s «LIVE SHIT» album. (Binge & Purge) 1993. From Mexico City. My Signature Series MGS Drum Sticks: MachineGunSmith.Net Other Videos I uploaded are Judas Priest — Painkiller www.youtube.com Avenged Sevenfold — Nightmare www.youtube.com All That Remains — Hold On www.youtube.com Slipknot — Before I Forget www.youtube.com IRON MAIDEN — The Trooper www.youtube.com SlipKnot — Psychosocial www.youtube.com Five Finger Death Punch www.youtube.com . *

www.learnguitarfastandeasy.com Make sure to check out this useful website if want to learn how to play the guitar! This is me playing one of my favorite Metallica songs, Blackened from the album …And Justice For All. I recorded the audio from my Line 6 spider II amp plugged straight into my computer and it’s a bit scratchy but I’m saving for a new amp, haha. I then made a video of me playing it and left in the video’s audio too so you’re hearing what I’m playing as well. My guitar is an ESP M-II, it is not a Kirk Hammett signature but it is the same model. I’d to love to hear what you think and thanks a lot for watching!

Hey, =) Well … Lets talk honestly. I know, I know, this vid sucks, haha ! I took this vid 3 or 4 years ago. My guitar was new, I had just bought it that day, so the strings were really hard and I wasn’t used to play on a guitar with steel strings. Buuut, I really love Fade to Black, and I played it for a friend of mine, she’s not here anymore, that’s why I don’t delete it, even though I know it isn’t good (I’m not deaf yet, dear ! :P). I played it from my heart to her, so plz, I don’t want to see bad comments here, I really respect your opinion, but please, don’t. If you didn’t like it, just go and listen the official version, huh ? Really better I guess :) And if you liked it, just thank you. Bye bye, friends.

the best unforgiven live performance from metallica

Guest Dave Mustaine holds nothing back when discussing the time he spent with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich while in the band Metallica. From Episode 1 of Season 3, original air date 04-10-08.

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—READ FOR MORE INFO— Hey guys please follow my twitter, you can always see what I’m doing, or when I’m streaming: www.twitter.com Here is my stream: www.ustream.tv Where I buy all Rock Band Accessories: www.rockbandparts.com ——————————————————— Master of Puppets — Metallica 1st 100% Expert FC I did this one 2 days ago, but I had to make the video perfect, that’s why it’s going up now :D Harder FC than you think, but it really didn’t take me long, I practiced the solo till the point of FCing everytime. Starpower was random, again this was done in the 2 hours I had the game 2 days ago. Here’s Elliott’s link, you should probably subscribe to the king of the internet: www.youtube.com (He edited this video) Any other questions please message me or ask in comments, I’ll try to answer. Also, don’t worry guys, I won’t completely FC this game before it comes out, I mean today I’m not even playing it because of massive schoolwork, so don’t think I’m hogging the FCs quite yet. Yesterday on stream I also got the 1st FC of Dyers Eve on video with azurite style, WITH TAPPING, so that’ll be up soon as well. That’s about the craziest thing that I’ve done on this game other than the War Ensemble near FC, or the One near FC. My next FC I guess will be Fight Fire with Fire? That’s like «The Way It Ends» of Guitar Hero Metallica. Also the hardest song to FC that I’ve seen in this game has to be «Evil» by Mercyful Fate. The last solo is ridiculous with

400+ more free lessons www.FreeandEasyGuitar.com http It IS IN STANDARD TUNING!IGNORE WHAT TAB SAYS. THis is another tab for it: www.ultimate-guitar.com Aaron

EDIT: This video was taken when the iPhone 3G and the appstore was not out yet. At that time the app was available to download on installer. Installing 3rd party apps was only possible with jailbreaking. Now you can download this app on the Apptore if you have the newest firmware or at least firmware 2.0. Just messing with the new Pocket Guitar app on my iPhone. I used to play guitar long long ago. I dont even remember a bit of it so that’s why I suck. Also, this shows the multi touch capabilities of the iPhone’s touch screen. All this is possible with Apples multi touch tech witch is a lot different because it does not sense pressure.

my first video posted.. this solo is really easy on the electric guitar, but not on the acoustic ^^ it’s really hard to making the bends up on this guitar hope you enjoy 3) es mi primer video, solo se recogeran comentarios dulces y educados =) ************************************ DaViglio said: «Check out DaViglio, two girls who are awesome :)» www.youtube.com ************************************

Kirk Hammett makes an unpromising attempt at a new Metallica riff.

SUBSCRIBE!! bit.ly OneRepublic «Apologize» Spoof! www.youtube.com My Freakin’ themesong — www.youtube.com My 2nd channel with MTV vlogs — bit.ly Mangina video — www.youtube.com Check out the MANGINA SHIRT! — bit.ly Toby Shirts! bit.ly Twitter! bit.ly Myspace! bit.ly Facebook! bit.ly Singer and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield wrote this song while on the phone with his girlfriend. Since he held the phone with one hand, he plucked the four open strings of a standard E-minor chord with the other, which eventually made up the first two bars of the song. The lyrics were also dedicated to his girlfriend, which talk about being «so close, no matter how far», indicating the bond they shared even when Hetfield was on tour. Initially, the song was not meant to go on the album, and Hetfield had written it for himself, but only after drummer Lars Ulrich heard it was it considered for the record. The song has now become a staple in Metallica’s live performances, and has been dedicated to their fans. When played live nowadays, the last clam verse is left out, ending the song with Kirk Hammett’s second, heavily distorted guitar solo. A live version on which this can be heard can be found on the CD/DVD Orgullo, Pasi

A video comparing the guitar solos of kirk hammett and joe satriani. just before Metallica was to record its first album, Kill ‘Em All. At the time Hammett was taking private guitar lessons from now famous Joe Satriani..Hammett is one of the better-known students of guitarist and instructor Joe Satriani. In 2003, he was ranked 11th in the Rolling Stones «The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time».

I’m playing along with one of my all-time favorite songs: Metallica — One. I just performed the last 2 minutes of the song, which IMO happen to be the most interesting :-). It’s a bit sloppy, but good enough for a demonstration. Visit my website for information on my playing, gear, recording method, and some of the tabs I’ve written for my videos: www.killrbuckeye.com

Same as the title! Disturbed covering Metallica’s fade to black. The end is missing because that’s what happened when whoever recorded it…

Me (Phil Colwill) Singing Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Enjoy. Love this song! If you Enjoyed this one PLease visit my channel watch some other vids, Cheers for your time! :)

Expert drummer destroys Mercyful Fate.

Please buy Bloodstock tickets off of my link, will be much appreciated, and I will try and return the favour in some way: www.bloodstock.uk.com All of you come to Bloodstock, shit will be so gnarly. Metallica’s new single The Day That Never Comes, from their latest album Death Magnetic. It is a great song, I thoroughly recommend you buy the album. Copyright 2008 Metallica and Warner Bros. Records. ALL CONTENT BELONGS TO WMG. Warner Bros. Records Inc., A Warner Music Group Company. 3300 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 1290 Avenue Of The Americas, New York,NY © 2008 E/M Ventures. Made in USA All Right Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law. Produced by Rick Rubin www.metallica.com warnerbrorecords.com Metallica Death Magnetic REAL MetallicA fans always buy the CD and dont illegally download. There is no better experience than owning an awesome CD. Subscribe to my channel to hear MetallicA’s next songs before they are released.

Demonstration of the best iPhone Application ever: Pocket Guitar. Taken with a Nokia N95. Playing the iPhone is quite easy, considering its light pysical thickness. This may also mean that it’s easier to play on the iPod Touch, but problematic on the iPhone3G, (if thicker). :-)

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica Acoustic Cover (w/Tabs).

Metallica — Fuel This is the new Metallica-sound, or not the new but this is some of their newest stuff. And that is not as popular and good as the classic Metallica stuff, just so you know: Metallica play Thrash-Metal too:) «Fuel» is the opening song from Metallica’s ReLoad album. It stems from the thrill of fast driving and street racing. The song could also be applied to the fact that people like to drive their lives (like their cars) too fast. It is one of James Hetfield’s favorite songs as he later said before a concert played at an Oakland Raiders game,»We have to play Fuel…’cause it gets me pumped up.» (taped on Some Kind of Monster) Another interpretation of this song, which reflects the external struggles of the band members themselves as well as the personal lyric style James Hetfield adopted beginning with The Black Album, suggests that the song is about addiction. Specifically the addiction may be Hetfield’s alcoholism, but it could be a reference to any sort of addiction. It is a reference to whatever it may be that fuels a person. Further, it may reflect Hetfield’s decision to substitute his love of cars and racing for his love of alcohol. This is evidenced throughout the entire song and survives interpretation; the song may get the band and the crowd «pumped up,» but it is by no means as simple a song as it appears. The song was written by Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett, and was the third single from the album. It is now a permanent fixture at

Клип из лего на песню ДДТ

Guitar cover «Самолеты» Земфира Zemfira Samolet

Oh my… This song brings so much memories.

Vilnius, 2008-02-18 Very much Thank U, yogeni! =]

По-моему, я несколько аккордов неправильно сыграла. original here: www.youtube.com бой: v-^^v^- Текст и аккорды: Am E Am Что такое осень? Это небо A7 Dm Плачущее небо под ногами Dm E Am F В лужах разлетаются птицы с облаками Dm E Am A7 Осень, я давно с тобою не был. Dm E Am F В лужах разлетаются птицы с облаками Dm E Am E Осень, я давно с тобою не был. Am F Dm E Осень. В небе жгут корабли Am F Dm E Осень. Мне бы прочь от земли Dm E Am F Там, где в море тонет печаль Dm E Осень, темная даль. Что такое осень? Это камни Верность над чернеющей невою Осень, вновь напомнила душе о самом главном \ 2 раза Осень, я опять лишен покоя. / Припев Что такое осень? Это ветер Вновь играет рваными цепями Осень, доползем ли, долетим ли до ответа, Что же будет с Родиной и с нами. Осень, доползем ли, долетим ли до рассвета? Осень, что же будет завтра с нами. Припев (Optional: Проигрыш = 2 припевам. Припев) Тает стаей город во мгле Осень, что я знал о тебе Сколько буде рваться листва Осень вечно права.

Мой ковер на великолепную песню группы БИ-2, которую они посвятили своим женам. БИ-2 Шар земной Всё очень непросто сплошные воросы Есть маленький остров осколок земли И всё между нами останется тайной Уйдут в треугольник мои корабли. Припев: Она на своих плечах держит шар земной В бесценных мелочах останется со мной. Бесчувственны числа и здравого смысла Последняя капля срывалась на крик Война со словами оставила шрамы Фантомные боли к которым привык. Она на своих плечах держит шар земной В бесценных мелочах останется со мной Шар держать земной на своих плечах В бесценных мелочах навсегда со мной.

My cover of «У тебя есть сын/U Tebya Yest Sin» by ДДТ/DDT. Here are the chords and lyrics in Russian: Standard Tuning CFC У тебя есть сын, у меня — лишь ночь, CFC У тебя есть дом, у меня — лишь дым, Dm C C7 F Над отцом-огнем улетая прочь, CFC Он клубится льдом по глазам седым. CFC У тебя поют, у меня — луна, CFC У тебя тепло, у меня — к нулю. Dm C C7 F За спиной — стена, а в стене — стекло — CFC Вот и весь уют, вот и вся война.

Песня Ю Шевчука «Дождь» группа ДДТ с аккордами Полная версия В медленном темпе. Аккорды песни. Бесплатно подписаться на обучение — vesinternet.com . Дождь звонкой пеленой … Как играть на гитаре песню «Дождь» Автор текста и композитор Юрий Шевчук, группа ДДТ, вариант аккомпанемента Александр Чубыкин. How to play guitar song «Rain» Chords Lyricist Yuri Shevchuk version of the accompaniment Alexander Chubykin Дождь звонкой пеленой наполнил небо, Майский дождь, Гром прогремел по крышам, Распугал всех кошек гром. Я открыл окно, и весёлый ветер Разметал всё на столе, Глупые стихи, что писал я В душной и унылой пустоте. Грянул майский гром, и веселье Бурною пьянящею волной Окатило, эй, вставай-ка И попрыгай вслед за мной. Выходи во двор и по лужам Бегай хоть до самого утра, Посмотри, как носится Смешная и святая детвора. Капли на лице, это просто дождь, А может, плачу это я. Дождь очистил всё, и душа, захлюпав, Вдруг размокла у меня. Потекла ручьём прочь из дома К солнечным некошеным лугам, Превратившись в пар с ветром полетела К неизведанным мирам. И представил я — город наводнился Вдруг весёлыми людьми, Вышли все под дождь, хором что-то пели И плясали, чёрт возьми. Позабыв про стыд и опасность после С осложненьем заболеть, Люди под дождём, как салют встречали Гром, весенний первый гром.

ДДТ Метель

Аккорды здесь maroz.de www.maroz.de Песни под гитару, разные авторы-исполнители и просто исполнители.

Intento cantar con una voz que no tengo y una lengua de la que apenas tengo conocimientos. La canci

My cover of «Пропавший без вести» by ДДТ. ;) Here are the chords and lyrics in Russian: EADGBEb, Capo 3rd Fret Chords: G-320033 Em-022033 C-032033 D-000233 Intro: G (4x) G Em Закрылась дверь, он вышел и пропал, CG Навек исчез ни адреса, ни тени, G Em Быть может, просто что-то он узнал CG Про суть дорог и красоту сирени. Em Пропавший без вести, скажи, как мне найти, D Открыткой стать и вырваться из сети. G Em Пропавший без вести, растаявший в пути CG Всепермалывающих столетий. Я замечаю, вижу ты везде, Лежишь печально снегом на аллеях В листве сырой, растрепанном гнезде, На мертвых пулях и убитых целях. Пропавший без вести, я где-то замечал Твои глаза, улыбку и походку. Ты, исчезая, что-то мне кричал О злой любви и требовал на водку. GCDGGCDG Пропавший без вести, я назову тобой дорогу. Пропавший без вести, я назову тобой дорогу, Я назову тобой дорогу, я назову тобой дорогу. Пропавший без вести смешал весь этот мир, Добавил в сущность ложку человека, Без наготы, без ксивы и квартир Лишь на секунду выпавший из века. Пропавший без вести, ты знаешь обо всем, О том, как выйти за пределы смысла, Не воскрешен, но вечен с ним и в нем Уничтожаешь формулы и числа. Chorus Жизнь дорожает, выбившись из сил, Зализывает раны после драки, А ты на этом полотне светил Мне подаешь таинственные знаки. Пропавший без вести, я знаю ты живой, Вас миллионы бродят между нами. Смотрите на могилы с номерами И на свой путь очерченный прямой. Chorus

my second cover