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Add me on FaceBook if you want: www.FaceBook.Com Psychosocial — SlipKnot — Psychosocial All Hope Is Gone Me Drumming to Psychosocial SlipKnot — Psychosocial SlipKnot — Psychosocial — DRUMS by MachineGunSmith Other Videos I uploaded are: Judas Priest — Painkiller www.youtube.com Avenged Sevenfold — Nightmare www.youtube.com All That Remains — Hold On www.youtube.com Slipknot — Before I Forget www.youtube.com IRON MAIDEN — The Trooper www.youtube.com Five Finger Death Punch www.youtube.com . Things that I added in this song are: 1:58 — I added extra double bass 4:36 — I added one off beat on my my snare drum At the very end when the song stops — You still hear my China-Crash ringing like a motherfucker! * Subscribe To My Channel And See My New SlipKnot Drum Videos: Heretic Anthem Spit It Out Blister Exists Watch my new Drums Covers coming up soon from: SlipKnot As I Lay Dying Metallica Disturbed IRON MAIDEN All That Remains LAMB OF GOD *