Hey, =) Well … Lets talk honestly. I know, I know, this vid sucks, haha ! I took this vid 3 or 4 years ago. My guitar was new, I had just bought it that day, so the strings were really hard and I wasn’t used to play on a guitar with steel strings. Buuut, I really love Fade to Black, and I played it for a friend of mine, she’s not here anymore, that’s why I don’t delete it, even though I know it isn’t good (I’m not deaf yet, dear ! :P). I played it from my heart to her, so plz, I don’t want to see bad comments here, I really respect your opinion, but please, don’t. If you didn’t like it, just go and listen the official version, huh ? Really better I guess :) And if you liked it, just thank you. Bye bye, friends.

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