—READ FOR MORE INFO— Hey guys please follow my twitter, you can always see what I’m doing, or when I’m streaming: www.twitter.com Here is my stream: www.ustream.tv Where I buy all Rock Band Accessories: www.rockbandparts.com ——————————————————— Master of Puppets — Metallica 1st 100% Expert FC I did this one 2 days ago, but I had to make the video perfect, that’s why it’s going up now :D Harder FC than you think, but it really didn’t take me long, I practiced the solo till the point of FCing everytime. Starpower was random, again this was done in the 2 hours I had the game 2 days ago. Here’s Elliott’s link, you should probably subscribe to the king of the internet: www.youtube.com (He edited this video) Any other questions please message me or ask in comments, I’ll try to answer. Also, don’t worry guys, I won’t completely FC this game before it comes out, I mean today I’m not even playing it because of massive schoolwork, so don’t think I’m hogging the FCs quite yet. Yesterday on stream I also got the 1st FC of Dyers Eve on video with azurite style, WITH TAPPING, so that’ll be up soon as well. That’s about the craziest thing that I’ve done on this game other than the War Ensemble near FC, or the One near FC. My next FC I guess will be Fight Fire with Fire? That’s like «The Way It Ends» of Guitar Hero Metallica. Also the hardest song to FC that I’ve seen in this game has to be «Evil» by Mercyful Fate. The last solo is ridiculous with

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