Metallica’s «Enter Sandman» performed by Mister Tim Filmed and recorded at The Batcave, Las Vegas, NV. FAQs: — Yes, all four are the same guy (Mister Tim). — Yes, the guy on the bottom left is angry (heartburn). — Yes, the hat says «Canada» (tribute to Corey Vidal and Phil Hartman). — The Kazoo is being held aloft by a custom-crafted KH200 or «Kazanger» (made from a wire coat hanger). — Lars Ulrich is the alias I use at hotels to hide from crazy groupies. — The doll is a genuine Donny Osmond doll, purchased 15 years ago at a garage sale from the Osmond family. For reals. — the pony is a toy pony. Angry Tim holds onto her to lower both blood pressure and innocent bystander deaths. -audio recorded in Pro Tools -filmed with: a video camera -edited with: Final Cut Express -no, I do not know how to do the four-box thing in your video software, unless your software is Final Cut Express -no, I will not record a kazoo version of whatever song you are trying to do -no, I probably won’t watch your video on YouTube, but good job for making one! -no, I have never enjoyed having a neck beard Like Mister Tim’s music n videos? Please buy music (you can listen to this song as you woo women) and consider donating a bit extra so Mister Tim can make MOAR. *****About Mister Tim***** Mister Tim is a multi-talented musician, performer, and composer. He is well-known for his crazy comedy music and bizarre kazoo-playing YouTube videos, but he also

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