Metallica — Fuel This is the new Metallica-sound, or not the new but this is some of their newest stuff. And that is not as popular and good as the classic Metallica stuff, just so you know: Metallica play Thrash-Metal too:) «Fuel» is the opening song from Metallica’s ReLoad album. It stems from the thrill of fast driving and street racing. The song could also be applied to the fact that people like to drive their lives (like their cars) too fast. It is one of James Hetfield’s favorite songs as he later said before a concert played at an Oakland Raiders game,»We have to play Fuel…’cause it gets me pumped up.» (taped on Some Kind of Monster) Another interpretation of this song, which reflects the external struggles of the band members themselves as well as the personal lyric style James Hetfield adopted beginning with The Black Album, suggests that the song is about addiction. Specifically the addiction may be Hetfield’s alcoholism, but it could be a reference to any sort of addiction. It is a reference to whatever it may be that fuels a person. Further, it may reflect Hetfield’s decision to substitute his love of cars and racing for his love of alcohol. This is evidenced throughout the entire song and survives interpretation; the song may get the band and the crowd «pumped up,» but it is by no means as simple a song as it appears. The song was written by Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett, and was the third single from the album. It is now a permanent fixture at

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