—- Lyrics here —— My cover of Zemfira in English and Russian (a bit free translation) —————————- English Results I’m leaving behind Hills of cigarette stubs Kilometers of days, thousands of snobs Many liters of blood either given or simply lost I am leaving friends, and those who know who I am, Myself on radiowaves, Both AM and FM Those made happy by me and offended by me Again the night is teasing my swollen eye lids And I remember absolutely nothing about it My love remained in the twentieth century Again the night An arrowhead is poisoned by the lie And I shall never, never leave you to die And Please lie down with me quietly for a while. I’m leaving behind Things to argue about And my funny dog and my favorite town An unfinished joint, a gigabyte of footage I am leaving my dream if anybody will like it Three full journals of doubts in my unstable handwriting Some money in the bank and many that are like me. ——————————— Russian transliteration Ia ukhozhu, ostavliaia gory okurkov Kilometry dnej, milliony pridurkov Litry krovi podarennoj ili poteriannoj Ostavliaiu druzej tekh, chto napolovinu Sebia na radiovolnakh, korotkikh i dlinnykh Oschastlivlennykh mnoiu i obizhennykh mnoiu Terzaet noch’ moi opukhshie veki Ia nichego, nichego ob ehtom ne pomniu Moia liubov’, ostalas’ v dvadtsatom veke I snova noch’ — strela otravlena iadom Ia nikogda — nikogda tebia ne ostavliu Ty polezhi so mnoiu, neslyshno riadom Ia ukhozhu, ostavliaia

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