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Рок-фестиваль «The Creation of Peace» (Сотворение Мира) в Казани 30.08.08.

Live @ Ben Hall (Yekaterinburg) 08.03.2010

Би-2 Шар земной Live Алматы

Руки стали главными героями этой невероятно грустной и лиричной песни


ДДТ-Дождь (Cover)

Земфира исполняет «we are the champions» на церемонии вручения премий русского MTV

Би-2, Полковнику никто не пишет

Телеканал ОЕ ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ: ЧИЧЕРИНА — Показалось

Би-2 Краснодар People март 2009

Рок-фестиваль «The Creation of Peace» (Сотворение Мира) в Казани 30.08.08.

DDT/ДДТ — Osen’/Осень at Webster Hall, Jan 27th, 2008. Never seen Webster Hall with this positive of a vibe before.

ДДТ — Капитан Колесников

Live @ Ben Hall (Yekaterinburg) 08.03.2010

Продолжение сериала


Би-2. Pr


Земфира СК Олимпийский Любовь Как Случайная Смерть

Вариант клипа на одну из наиболее пронзительных песен группы

Live @ Ben Hall (Yekaterinburg) 08.03.2010

That Beautiful Somewhere song of BI-2 «Silver» кадры из фильма «Прекрастное далеко» песня группы БИ 2 «Серебро»

TV Video — Chicherina Band — Na Zapah(Going on a smell) — RenTV New Year Session — Not Blue Spark … РенTиВи — Новогодний Неголубой Огонёк 2004.

ДДТ / DDT Yuri Shevchuk, Rustam Asanbaev, Gennady Rodin, Vladimir Sigachev, and Rustam Karimov founded the band in the summer of 1980. Due to a lack of means for recording, the band remained silent until 1982. In the Spring of 1982, the group competed in a contest called Золотой Камертон (or «Golden Tuning Fork»). They won the competition with the song «Не стреляй.» In the same year, the group published their first album — Свинья на радуге. After this album was released and the band gained some fame, they attracted the attention of the KGB and their album was declared forbidden. The group was forced to go underground. As the band’s fame grew, so did hostilities from the government. Finding it difficult for the band members to find work in Ufa, Shevchuk moved to Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) and played with the band Урфин Джюс. In 1985, Shevchuk moved to Moscow. In March of the same year, he held a concert in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). In 1987, Shevchuk rebuild the band, now including Nikita Zaitsev, Vadim Kurylev, Andrei Vasiliev, Igor Dotsenko, Andrei Muratov, and Mikhail Chernov. That same year, the band performed in a rock festival in St. Petersburg for a crowd of three thousand people. The band held its first cross-country tour in 1988. In 1993, DDT was named «best rock group of the year» and Shevchuk was named «best rock-musician of the year.» DDT plays a wide variety of styles, ranging from rock

02-10-07. Земфира

Презентация альбома в ЦПКиО им. Горького

zemfira sneg nachnetsy земфира снег начнется

Новейший альбом ДДТ — ПреКрасная любовь.

Oh my… This song brings so much memories.

2010, клип. Заглавная песня «Реки любви» к кинокомедии «Квартета И» — «О чем говорят мужчины». Режиссер: Д. Дьяченко. Оператор: Ю. Любшин


Алсу и Земфира

Земфира Billy`s Band Esthetic Education Школьный вальс

DDT Osen’ (Хит всех времён и народов от ДДТ)


Set to the tunes of Би-2 — «Кого ты ждешь». I’m sorry if the music makes it a bit cheesy, but I didn’t record any sound on my footage, and it was a bit boring when it was all quiet. The Beelitz sanatorium, about one hour’s train ride from Berlin, Germany, is today for a large part in a state of decay. A working hospital occupies some buildings, and a few others have been renovated and now house a museum, restaurants and residential homes, but many others have been abandoned since 1994. The Beelitz TBC sanatorium was built between 1898 and 1930. During WWI and WWII the complex was used as a military hospital (in fact, Adolf Hitler spent a few weeks there in 1916). After WWII, during which some of the buildings were heavily damaged, the Soviet army declared the whole area a military exclusion zone, and from 1945 to 1994 the complex was the largest Soviet Army military hospital outside of the USSR. The new property owners went bankrupt in 2001, and questions about further use and renovation of the dilapidating buildings — all of them officially protected as historical landmarks — are on hold. Most of the abandoned buildings are very easy to enter, and while being a popular location for photographers like myself and film makers like Roman Polanski («The Pianist») or Bryan Singer («Valkyrie», starring Tom Cruise), the already heavily damaged structures are also victims of various forms of vandalism.

Автор: Анна Peppi Романова

ДДТ — Это всё (DDT — Eto vsio) more by DDT at kappi.altervista.org

Земфира-Анечка,Винзавод,27.09.2007.Winzavod, Zemfira.

Финальная песня на концерте в Ледовом. Съёмка у сцены. 3-й выход.

Концерт 22.03.09 Екатеринбург. Телеклуб.

Live @ Ben Hall (Yekaterinburg) 08.03.2010

пародия на Льва Новожёнова и группу «Би-2».